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Taking your toddlers’ camping overnight is an event that they will surely remember for a lifetime. I have 4 young children and I know firsthand how challenging it can be to prepare and pack for a long adventure. When camping with toddlers you’ll want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to keep them warm, cozy, and comfortable.

When camping overnight with babies or toddlers it’s important to check the weather forecast for nighttime temperatures and pack the appropriate clothing for them to wear to bed. For cold nights you’ll need footie pajamas, a sweater, vest jacket, extra socks, mittens, and a warm hat.

You might not end up using all of the items and layers of clothing you pack, but it’s better to be prepared. Read on for more tips and details for deciding how to dress your toddler for bed when camping out all night long.

How To Dress Your Toddler At Night When Camping

Depending upon the temperature inside of your camping quarters you may need to adjust how many layers your child needs for overnight. It’s better to pack extra layers in case your toddler gets cold.

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Start with lightweight pajamas and a specific sleeping bag for toddlers when camping. After your child has settled in, you should check and see how warm they are. You can do this simply by feeling the skin on their chest and also checking their hands. If they feel comfortably warm you can go to bed and then check on them later in the night after they’ve been sleeping for a few hours.

What To Dress Your Toddler In For Bedtime Camping

Here is a list of essential clothing items that you’ll want to be sure to pack for your child if you are planning to camp out with them all night long.

Best Footie Pajamas For Kids Camping

Footed pajamas are great for overnight camping because they tend to keep kids warm while eliminating the constant struggle of socks slipping off in the night. Footed pajamas typically come in one of two fabric options; cotton or fleece. I recommend you pack one of each.

Cotton is more breathable and is the better option if you are worried about your child getting too toasty warm. Fleece is nice if you think your toddler will need the extra warmth and it also has the added benefit of repelling moisture.

Carter’s are tried and true footed pajamas and they carry all sizes, newborn through toddler. You’ll also find many different fabric options in their collection. You can shop for Carter’s pajamas here on Amazon.

Best Sweaters For Kids Camping

A hooded sweater can be nice for sitting around the campfire, and it also works well for layering over pajamas to add warmth around a toddler’s ears and head. I like to pack a hoodless sweater in addition to a hoodie because some kids prefer not to have anything on their heads when sleeping.

If their pajamas are not enough to keep them warm through the night you can simply add a sweater over the top for added protection from the crispy cool nights. Burton makes a nice unisex water-resistant, fleece-lined pullover that is designed to keep kids cozy and dry, even when the weather turns damp and drizzly. You can check it out on Amazon right here.

toddler inside a sleeping bag in a tent while camping

Best Vest Jackets For Kids Camping

If a sweater or hoodie is too hot for your toddler to sleep in overnight you can opt instead to layer a vest jacket over the top of their pajamas. This allows their arms to breathe so that they won’t get overheated through the night, but it ensures their chest will stay warm. They can also easily unzip a vest if they need to in the middle of the night, which is much less cumbersome than having to pull off a sweater.

Amazon has a great selection of outdoor kid’s vest jackets that will pair very nicely over pajamas. Check it out!

Best Socks For Kids Camping

You might think socks for camping are a no-brainer or that perhaps your child won’t need them if they are wearing footed pajamas, but a quality pair of socks is essential for keeping your kids warm through the night.

If temperatures are going to dip down below 55 degrees you’ll probably want to layer a pair of wool socks over their pajamas. You’ll especially want to invest in a decent pair of thermal insulated socks if you don’t intend to dress your toddler in footie pajamas.

Best Gloves And Mittens For Kids Camping

You’ll want to have a pair of toddler gloves for camping, or mittens for your baby in case their fingers get cold through the night when you’re camping.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to help a toddler get on a pair of gloves. That’s why I prefer mittens over gloves for toddlers, especially for sleeping. They won’t need to be grabbing anything while they are asleep, so save yourself the hardship of trying to slip each finger into the right glove fingerhole, and just pack some mittens!

Stonz makes some of the highest-rated mittens on the market. They are the warmest kids mittens out there and they also have adjustable elastics with toggles, which makes getting them on and keeping them secured a breeze.

In addition to gloves, it’s also a good practice to pack some hand warmers for added security. You can purchase the one-time use hand warmers or opt for USB chargeable hand warmers, which produce less waste.

Best Hats For Kids Camping

Top of your toddler’s camping gear with a warm sleeping hat. You’ll want to pack a hat that is especially comfortable since your child will be laying down on it. Backcountry has an amazing selection of outdoor apparel kid’s hats.

Those are the basic clothing essentials for camping overnight with your toddlers and babies. The next items to check off your list will be a high-quality sleeping mat and sleeping bag. With the proper camping gear, your kids will sleep snug and sound all through the night.

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