Best Camping Toys For Toddlers & Kids (To Help Them Enjoy & Connect With Nature And The Outdoors Experience)

a kid holding a water toy while camping

Camping Toys For Toddlers & Kids

So, what are the best camping toys for toddlers to bring and why? Let’s take a look at some good options and categories, all depending on where you are planning to go (and for how long)

Do you remember the feeling of being on a swing when you were a kid? That fresh air hitting your face slowly, with each swing forward. Not having anything to worry about. Don’t you want your kids to have similar memories?

Anything that involves swinging outdoors is just a lot of fun!

Toddler swing seat

Tree swing for kids

Flying saucer swing

Exploration Camping  Toys For Toddlers

Get their imagination working! This is your chance to play with them and teach them about camping, exploring, discovery, adventures, and all the other unique experiences that come when you connect with nature. Or would you prefer they stare at a computer screen throughout the trip?

Toddlers can even play with these types of toys at home, in their backyard. Discovering and exploring new things, at their age, is literally everywhere.

Pretend exploration tools

Camping adventure kit

Camping explorer set

Camping Near A Lake Or Beach?

Toddlers LOVE to play with sand and water (…mud). So if you’re camping near a lake or the beach, these buckets and shovels will be really fun for your child. These camping toys for toddlers will not only give them hours of fun, but also force them to think, plan, coordinate, and imagine things.

Camping beach toys

Beach camping toy set

Sand camping toys

Arts and crafts camping toys for kids

I know, it’s difficult to keep toddlers busy during camping, or any outdoor trip for that matter. But if you plan the trip well and have plenty of activities for them to do, you’ll be fine.

Naturally, toddlers and young kids need a lot of attention, especially infants. This is even more important when you are away from home camping, where the environment they are used to changes. This is the perfect time for you, as a parent, to connect, bond, and play with them.

Memory game for toddlers

Kids erasable doodle book

Glow in dark rock painting

Camping in a large open area?

Did you ever fly kites? I know I did and I loved it. The challenge of keeping up there, with the clouds, felt great!

If you guys are going to be camping close to or near a large open area, flying kites can be a lot of fun for toddlers and older kids.

Kite for kids & toddlers

Outdoor bean bag toss game

Kids jump rocket launcher

Nightime Entertainment When Camping

Personally, I love books. And camping is the perfect time for great stories, especially for young children. These are easy to pack and shouldn’t take much room in your camping gear, so bring several stories with you. You probably have plenty of books at home already!

If you are a big family or you are co-camping with others, plan group games such as the glow-in-the-dark outdoor game. Even something like singing songs around a campfire or telling jokes can be hours of fun!

The main idea here is to keep your toddlers and kids OFF of their phones or tablets before going to bed, at least as much as possible (sometimes you need a break too). Keep them engaged with you, with family, with nature, the stars.

Capture the flag game

Camping book story

Glowsticks set for campfire

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