Top 11 Camping Gifts For Kids & Toddlers (Not Boring stuff)

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So you’ve decided to go camping with the little ones and you need some fresh gift ideas and inspiration. Coming up with interesting camping gift ideas for toddlers and kids is not that easy actually. This post is meant to (at the very least) give you a list of things you didn’t think of.

Camping on its own can be a lot of fun, especially the first and second day, right? But if you’re planning on staying longer, with young children, you will definitely need to do some planning. This includes camping gifts, fun activities, sleeping arrangements, safety precautions, keeping your tent clean, etc. This will help keep toddlers engaged, busy, and keep you from going absolutely crazy! 🙂

Liven up the next camping trip and spark your child’s imagination with these unique, engaging, and out-of-the-box thinking gift ideas that are sure to delight the whole family. This is not your average (and boring) camping gift guide that suggests you buy a fishing pole, tent, sleeping bag, or water bottle. Those no-brainer ideas are great for general preparedness when packing for a camping trip, but if you’re looking for gifts that will deliver lively and captivating amusement for kids and toddlers, then this is the camping gift ideas list for you!

Let’s get to it.

Rock Tumbler Kit

This rock tumbler kit delivers educational amusement and expands a child’s knowledge of science and STEM with a hands-on activity. Inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers while igniting a kid’s creativity. Boys can create a unique collection of stunning gems of various colors and materials. Girls can choose their favorite gems and turn them into jewelry with the included necklace, key chain, ring, and two clip-on earring fastenings.


This complete cornhole set comes in 12 different designs and is easy to transport with its collapsible design and carrying case. Kids, toddlers, and even the whole family can enjoy the classic lawn game cornhole. Set the boards closer together (12-15 feet) for young kids, or space them farther apart for teens and adults (27 feet).

Players take turns throwing 16-ounce weatherproof bags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. If you land a bag in the hole you score 3 points. Land a bag on top of the board and score 1 point. Continue to play until a team or player reaches or exceeds 21 points.


One of the most rewarding and enchanting aspects of camping is looking up into the sky at night to behold the beauty of the stars. Give the gift of astronomical exploration with a moon and star gazing telescope.

Encourage STEM learning and discovery while camping with kids and toddlers with this powerful telescope that is ideal for explorers of any age. Even the youngest astronomers can enjoy the faraway wonders of the universe, from the craters of the moon to Saturn’s dazzling rings, even deep-sky phenomena such as star clusters and nebulae.


The ultimate classic in outdoor play, walkie-talkies are a staple favorite for young kids and even teens. My kids love their walkie-talkie adventures and this gift idea is sure to bring glee to the next big camping trip.

This 4-pack of rechargeable walkie-talkies offers long-range and even comes with NOAA weather scan and alert. I love walkie-talkies because not only do they provide a fun activity for the kids, but they are also very useful for adults. With this 4-pack set, mom and dad can keep a walkie-talkie and check in on the kids and their escapades.


This slackline is a top-rated camping product and activity that is guaranteed to enthrall the kids. A slackline is easy to set up and a perfect recreational toy for boys and girls to exercise and play on during a camping trip.

While adults are content to sit around the campfire and enjoy the leisure and allure of relaxation time, the kids are full of energy and need exertion to tire themselves out! While the kids are busy doing gymnastics on the slackline, the adults can take it easy enjoying nature in their camping chairs.

A kid holding ropes in a climbing activity while camping and having fun
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If the slackline doesn’t offer enough punch of action and excitement, opt for the zipline! You’ll need a fair amount of campground to accommodate this exhilarating activity for the kids, but if you’ve got the trees and space to set it up, this rip-roaring sport will never be forgotten.

With the steel cable and high-strength polyester fiber, this zip line system is able to support up to 330 pounds and is designed with children’s safety top of mind. It includes a professional-quality climbing harness and everything you need to install. The campsite will be filled with cheers of laughter and adrenaline with this unforgettable experience.

Nature Study Guide & Journal (for toddlers, kids, and teens)

Camping is one of the best places to be to begin the journey of getting closer to nature and fostering a fondness for all of the Earth’s natural wonders. Have you ever heard of “Nature Study”?

The smallest toddlers, kids, teens, and even adults can delight in the beauty of nature more thoroughly with a guided nature book and a nature journal to record their discoveries and create a deeper connection to all the things in nature that captivate their curiosity.

Here are three nature book guides, one for each age group. Pair a nature book guide with a special nature journal that will become a keepsake for years to come.

Dianna Hutts Aston’s Nature Books: A 5 Book Collection perfect for kids age 5-8 years old with beautiful illustrations and engaging introductions to various life science subjects including geology, entomology, zoology, and botany. 

Play The Forest School Way: Woodland Games and Crafts for Adventurous Kids: (8-12 years old)

The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling: (teens and adults) This art instruction guide has step-by-step illustrated how-to exercises that equip artists of every level to recreate accurate reproductions of plants and animals as well as landscapes, skies, and more.

Folding Hand Saw

This camping idea comes straight from my husband who asserts that he and his brother’s favorite and most beloved camping belongings were their bowsaws, knives, and hatchets.

Now, depending upon the age and responsibility level of the kid, you may need to wait until an appropriate age to introduce some of these sharp tools, however, the folding hand saw is a great place to start. Be sure to keep direct supervision over any older kid who is learning to use a sharp survival tool such as this.

Laser Tag

Gone are the days when laser tag could only be enjoyed at an indoor laser tag arena. Laser tag equipment and technology have advanced so far, and now kids can revel in the exhilaration of laser tag anywhere, including outdoors at a campsite.

This 4-pack laser tag set is great fun for kids as young as 3 years old all the way up to adults. This entertaining camping toy encourages strategy and teamwork. It’s a great way to get the kids moving and working together.

Portable Swing Seat

Now, you know how much fun this would have been if you had it when you were young, no?

This portable swing seat offers hours of entertainment for toddlers and young kids while camping. It is easy to install and can be moved around and set up almost anywhere. Hang it from a tree, swing set, jungle gym, or even at home on a beam or ceiling.

Metal Detector

This interesting gift idea is sure to keep the kids busy for hours. This lightweight waterproof metal detector is perfect for inspiring a treasure hunting adventure on your next camping trip. The easy-to-use metal detector has an LCD display. If any object is detected, an arrow will pop up on the screen and an alarm will sound to alert the user that a metal object has been found. The set comes with a small shovel and rake for digging up the mysterious treasure!

That rounds out the list of the best camping gift ideas for kids and toddlers. Happy camping adventures to you and your tots!

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