ABSOLUTE Best Camping Gear For Toddlers (Essentials + Gadgets)

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Going camping soon? Perfect! Here is the best camping gear for toddlers, along with some fun and interesting gadgets.

You absolutely want to be prepared when going camping with children, particularly young toddlers or babies. So you are doing the right thing by researching and making sure you and your family are well prepared for that next camping trip.

There are a ton of things that you could actually take on your camping trip, but do you really need them all? We don’t think so. First focus on the essentials, and depending on time, space, and budget… then maybe get a few other cool gadgets to make your stay at the campsite that much more pleasant.

Let’s take a look at a few essential camping equipments you’ll need for toddlers.

The best camping gear for toddlers at a glance!

Baby and toddler camping travel bed

How about a portable baby travel bed? Really practical for camping with toddlers, babies, and even newborns! Super easy to set up. This is a lightweight option and great for traveling. Infants can easily and safely move around and crawl inside the larger option camping bed. Also easy to wash and maintain.

Toddler portable inflatable air matress and camping travel bed

This inflatable air mattress is perfect not for camping with kids, but also for cross-country road trips. It’s lightweight and fairly quick to set up. This can also last for several years before your child outgrows it. And in case you are wondering, it does not have a strong smell of plastic or PVC, especially if you put sheets over it.

Baby backpack carrier for hiking while camping

The first thing you should know about this baby backpack carrier is the weight limit for the child, which is 40 lbs (around 18 kg). So a 2 or 3-year old that weighs roughly 35 lbs will fit fine here. It is made of lightweight but sturdy material, and it is comfortable for both the parent and the toddler.

More creative gear and gadgets for camping with toddlers!

Camping LED light

Portable high chair

First Aid kit

Sun hat for infant or toddler

Crawling anti-slip knee pads

Collapsible trunk organizer

What kind of gear do you need when camping with toddlers?

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Will you guys be hiking while camping?

First, consider what you will be doing there. For instance; are you planning to go hiking with your family? If so, you’ll want to consider a baby backpack carrier made for hiking.

What if you have a toddler? Perhaps consider a jogging stroller that is easier to maneuver in the woods or a mountain trail.

What! You have twins? Congrats! Then you may want something like a 2-child jogging stroller carrier. Three kids? No way, I don’t believe you!

Are you camping in the summer or winter?

If you guys are camping in the winter, you may want to bring a baby sleigh or even one of those inflatable snowmobiles.

If you’re camping in the summer, bringing an inflatable swimming pool might be a good idea (just make sure you’ll have access to water to fill it up).

The weather will also dictate the type of clothes you’ll need to bring for your toddler or baby when camping. If you guys are camping out in cold weather, check out this article on what should toddlers wear to bed when camping.

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Don’t forget to bring familiar toys for your kids

Especially for the little ones! It’s important to pack some things they are familiar with and this includes one or two toys.

If this is their first time camping out, they will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable. Having something they love, such as a teddy bear they sleep with or carry around the house all day, will help ease this feeling for them.

Will there be other activities where you’re staying?

If the campground you’re staying in has other activities for families and kids, you may want to limit the number of things you bring to entertain them…

How long will you be staying there?

If you guys are only going for a weekend (which is what we recommend if this is your child’s first camping trip), just bring the necessary items.

Must-haves when camping with toddlers!

  1. First aid kit of some sort
  2. Sun protection (i.e. hat, sunblock, sunscreen, etc)
  3. Appropriate clothing according to the season and weather
  4. Plenty of wipes and hand sanitizer
  5. Bug spray
  6. Plenty of food, water, and snacks (especially for hiking trails)
  7. Comfortable bedding, cot, or sleeping bag for toddler
  8. And a tent for camping of course! A place to sleep in 🙂

What about high chairs, are those necessary?

We think so. It will make your life a lot easier if you bring a high chair camping. Think about it. It’s easier to feed your baby or toddler while sitting. It’s also easier for you to keep an eye on them while you do other things, such as preparing meals, cleaning, or putting things away.

Jogging stroller

Crawling anti-slip knee pads

Collapsible trunk organizer

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