Top 7 Camping Books For Toddlers: Get Them Excited And Provoke Their Imagination And Curiosity!

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Best Camping Books For Toddlers!

What is the best way to get your toddlers excited about their first camping trip? Two things in my opinion; reading books with them and acting out the experience at home.

You don’t need a list of 5,000 books, so today I’m giving you the top 7 camping books for toddlers.

As far as acting out and simulating a camping trip at home, I’ll leave that one up to you for now (or click that link to check out our article for ideas).

Top 7 Camping Books For Toddlers At A Glance!

Do we have to buy these books?

Absolutely not! I recommend two things; 1) visit your local library to check them out for a period of time, or 2) visit a local used book store in your area (or simply search for used books online).

Leveraging your local library is a great way to “test” different camping books for toddlers and see which ones they engage with the most. This will make your buying decision easier if you prefer to own those books.

My local library has a sitting area for families where I bring my son to read books before checking them out. Bring them along, why not right?

Are these the only camping books for toddlers available?

Again, no! There are literally hundreds, or perhaps thousands of camping books for kids out there. My goal here was to narrow down a list of the top-rated camping books that are most likely to have a positive impact on getting your child excited about the camping trip.

Having said that, not all of these camping books will be a good fit for your toddler. You know your children better than anyone else. Maybe they recognize one of these characters? That will make it more familiar to them.

Maybe there are other characters they may be more familiar with that are not in our top 7 camping books for toddlers. In either case, we recommend reading the comments and reviews from other parents to see what may fit your situation best.

For example, my 5-year old is familiar with both Curious George and Llama Llama because they have been watching these in school. So it would make sense for us to get those camping books first.

A closer look at the top 7 toddler camping books

1) Curious George Goes Camping

What makes this book great is that (as mentioned before) your child may already be familiar with this character. This one is a true classic and George never fails to get curious in these stories! This is a good book to read and act out (pretend) the different scenarios.

2) Campfire Songs (melodies only)

This one is great if you will sing along with this book’s melodies. If your toddler enjoys music, this may be a fun one for them. I wouldn’t recommend this one for older children, however, above 4 years old. But anything that involves music and singing is likely to get your child’s attention and engage them.

3) Fred and Ted Go Camping

Perfect for preschoolers and children beginning to read. The camping storyline and illustrations will definitely appeal to younger children. If they love dogs, they will love these two characters! Two good friends (dogs) who just think differently and don’t always agree on everything!

4) Llama Llama Loves Camping

This one may be a good option if you’re child is attached to their technology or gadgets. Help them understand the value of being in the outdoors and how fun this experience can be for them. Let them know they will be leaving their gadgets behind, at home, and will be there waiting for them. This way they understand they’ll be fully immersed in the camping experience.

5) Camping Activity Book For Kids

A perfect camping book for kids 5, 6, 7, or even 8 or 9, as it’s packed with fun activities they can do and look forward to. A lot of the activities mentioned in this book don’t require any materials, and the ones that do, are nothing out of this world and can most likely be found around the house. Because this book contains activities and things to do, it’s more likely to keep your kids engaged before, during, and even after the camping trip!

6) Good Night Campsite

Children love stories that revolve around family, particularly toddlers. This camping book offers a great story and is perfect for reading before bed. A great way to get them to fall asleep thinking and imagining what camping will be like.

7) A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee

This is a great story with awesome illustrations that will get your child’s imagination going. However, depending on your child (and you know them best…) some things may seem scary. I don’t want to ruin or spoil the story for you, so I suggest you read other parents’ reviews on this book, or simply visit your local library and check it out first to see if this will be a good fit for your child. The last thing you’d want to do is scare them with the whole camping experience.

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