Best Sleeping Bags For Camping With Toddlers & Kids (+ Tips)

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Top Rated Sleeping Bags For Toddlers

I know right! There are way too many options when it comes to sleeping bags for camping with toddlers. This is why the main objective of our research was to make that process simple, straightforward, and easy for the reader (you!).

What makes a good sleeping bag for kids and toddlers?

This depends on two things; weather and size (i.e. warm, cold, age). If you are camping during the summer months, a standard sleeping bag, such as this one, can work just fine. It’s easy to pack and for kids to carry.

However, it’s cold weather that makes the difference when selecting the best sleeping bag when camping with toddlers or young kids.

Sleeping Bag For Kids During Cold Weather

For temperatures below 60° Fahrenheit (15°Caelsius), your kids will need to be well protected while they sleep. There is a huge variety of sleeping bags for toddlers during winter.

What Size Should Sleeping Bags For Kids Be?

For safety reasons, we recommend that you get a sleeping bag for your toddler that is made for their specific age and slightly longer than their height. This way only about a quarter of empty space will be left toward the bottom of it – no more.

Is there such thing as a re-adjustable size sleeping bag for kids and toddlers?

Not that we know of (or perhaps we missed it). But why hasn’t anyone made this yet? It would make sense to design a sleeping bag that can break into different sizes, depending on the age and height of the person or kid using it, right? Don’t you think so?

Is It Worth Buying Sleeping Bags Your Toddlers Will Soon Outgrow?

little girl camping with sleeping bag

This really depends on how many camping trips with your toddlers you are expecting before they outgrow them. If camping is something you do no matter the time of year, then consider getting one.

Another thing to consider (that most people don’t) is that you can use it anywhere!

In other words, you don’t necessarily need to go “camping” in order to make use of the sleeping bag. You can very well use it at home during cold days, or when taking a nap, when visiting grandparents, or even when they are playing in the house!

Will My Toddler Still Need A Blanket Inside Their Sleeping Bag?

No. If you take your time and research the right sleeping bag for your toddler, taking into account your personal needs, chances are they won’t need an extra blanket or cover to keep them warm.

This of course assumes that you won’t be exposing your toddler to extreme weather conditions.

Other Camping Gear For Toddlers To Complement Your Sleeping Bag!

Yes, choosing the best sleeping bag for a toddler when camping is important. But what are some other things you may be forgetting? Here’s a quick checklist and suggestions to help you plan a smooth camping trip, and NOT one that will surprise you later!

  • A camping mat or mattress
  • Inflatable mattress (don’t forget the air pump)
  • A cot
  • A night light, like an LED lantern

a toddler hugging her sleeping bag outside a tent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What if I don’t have the budget to buy a sleeping bag?

Don’t worry, we have several suggestions for you so please listen (read) closely.

2. Can I use a regular sleeping bag instead for a toddler?

Yes, there is a way!

3. How to properly store sleeping bags after camping?

First of all, do not just put your sleeping bag away while still in its stuff sack – take it out! Unless of course, you are going camping again soon… like in the next couple of weeks. Using a pillowcase is one easy, practical, and affordable idea as shared in this video.

4. Should I throw the kids sleeping bags in a washing machine after camping?

No, not unless you absolutely have to. Let me explain. For the most part, sleeping bags won’t need to be washed unless you spill something on them. Although kids and toddlers are excellent at spilling things, with some caution on your part, it’s unlikely they will.

But if you must use a washing machine for your sleeping bag, here are a few things to remember;

  1. Use the most delicate cycle setting (don’t forget)
  2. Use cold water
  3. Don’t use detergent
  4. Don’t throw it the dryer (if possible)
  5. Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations!

So what is the best option for thoroughly cleaning and washing your sleeping bag? The bathtub! Fill it up with enough water to cover your sleeping bag, rub out any stains using perhaps a tiny bit of a light detergent, and just let it drip and air dry on its own (i.e. don’t squish the water out).

5. Is there such a thing as an “indoor vs outdoor” sleeping bag?

Yes, there is. Not all sleeping bags are in fact created equal. Some you’ll find are lightweight and allow more air through them, making them perfect for indoor use. Others may be more insulated, have a cozy liner, or even a hood! All for keeping you and the little ones warm in the outdoors.

6. What is a sleeping bag liner?

You can think of these as a large pillowcase that slides right into your sleeping bag and helps provide an additional layer of warmth and cleanliness.

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