7 Toddler Camping Chairs With Trays (Safe, Portable, Practical)

toddler sitting on a chair with tray feeding with a spoon

Toddler Camping Chairs With Trays

My wife and I have a nephew who is about to turn one and they’ll be coming camping with us in the spring. But we need to find a toddler camping chair that includes a tray. This will make ALL of our lives easier! Having a toddler chair with a tray and straps will help us stay hands-free to feed him and do other things.

Here are a few of the ones we’ve already found! These are simple to use, easy to carry and put away, and most importantly, easy to wipe down and clean the trays.

Toddler chair with tray

Baby chair with sun canopy

Folding canopy camp chair

Are these tray chairs meant to replace your highchair at home?

No! I have to mention this here (although it should be obvious), but don’t expect these “camping” chairs with trays to replace your existing, much sturdier, highchair at home! These are only meant to be used on a camping trip while visiting grandparents, restaurants, or even your lawn in the backyard when it’s a nice day out. That’s it.

I say this because the quality of these toddler chairs with trays will never be the same as a sturdier option made specifically for regular home use. I think it’s important to set that expectation and know the difference, to help you make a better buying decision.

toddler sitting on a highchair with tray eating spaghetti

Make mealtimes stress-free for YOU!

When you are camping, preparing meals is not only required, but it can be difficult when you have a baby or toddler moving around constantly. Putting them down on the floor while most of your attention is on cooking, is not a great idea, do you agree?

A toddler chair that comes with a tray is a great option to help with that. It will also make feeding them much, much easier for you!

You want these camping chairs to be easy to use. They need to fold easily in a one-two-three style! Have some kind of carry bag for ease of transport, storage, and keeping it clean. And they must be easy to clean and wipe down because as you know, messes are inevitable!

Detachable removable tray OR embedded?

As you’ll find when researching for the best toddler camping chair with trays, some have completely detachable trays, and others do not. Which is best?

This will depend entirely on you. You’ll need to consider several things, like your budget, how often you go camping, what you anticipate to be the frequency of use in other scenarios (like taking it to a restaurant or a day trip to granma’s house), etc.

Of course, there are other things you also want to plan for. For example, how easy it is to store and where, whether having a one-piece versus a multiple-piece chair and tray will work better for you, and the potential for parts, such as the tray, to get lost.

Will there be a next life for the chair?

Here’s something else you should consider. Will you continue to grow your family in the future? If so, you may want to spend a little more and buy a higher-quality chair with a tray that can be passed on.

What about donating it to someone in need, or perhaps a friend or family member who loves the outdoors and is starting their own family? That’s always an option once your toddler outgrows this camping chair.

More toddler camping chairs with trays!

So yes, there are literally hundreds of other options for camping chairs that have a tray. Below are more of the ones we’ve been taking a look at.

Fold up toddler chair & table

Compact tray & chair set

Travel booster seat & tray

Tray snack booster seat

Portable high chair & table

Folding booster seat with tray

Do you need one with a canopy?

Check out our page on the best toddler camping chair with canopies, where we break down those specific options.

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