TOP 5 Best Camping Cots For Toddlers & Kids (Safe Options)

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We’re planning on taking our family camping this spring (after 2 years of dealing with this pandemic) and I’ve been researching for the best camping cots for toddlers. I hope the information I’ve gathered can also help you in your decision.

This is not our first time camping, but it is the first time we’re taking the little one. We know how important it is that they sleep comfortably inside the tent. This will ensure that we can all get good rest.

Best camping cots for toddlers at a glance

Small and practical portable camping cot for toddler

So this one I liked because it is practical and you and I know how difficult it is to travel and go camping with kids. The last thing we need is to add more complexity to the trip! Comes with a carrying case and a built-in pillow, which is nice.

Personally, I can also use this in my home office when my son wants to take a nap. The fact this one is multi-purpose almost is attractive to me.

Portable cots bunk bed for camping!

What I like about this one is that we can take a friend or one of our nephews on the camping trip. Seems pretty compact, easy to assemble, comes with a cool and lightweight carrying case (18 lbs / 8 kg), and has a weight tolerance of around 90 kg (200 pounds) per cot!

The design was well-thought-out as every part has a place in the case. This makes it easy to set up, but also to put away. This is not a good option for infants but can grow with older toddlers and kids.

Extra long portable cot for toddlers

I was thinking of something that I believe it’s important to mention here. None of these camping cots for toddlers and kids should be considered as a “long-term” sleeping solution. These options are great for an occasional camping trip, a summer vacation, or local travel.

I say this because I feel like some parents have the wrong expectation going into this search.

So aside from it being as practical and easy to set up as the others, there is one slight downside, the carrying case… actually, it is more like a bag, and that’s the problem. It doesn’t have a shoulder strap or handles to easily carry it. For example, if I’m carrying several things from the car to the campsite, depending on the distance I have to walk, it may be a little uncomfortable. I don’t like making too many trips back and forth!

Convertable, portable, and lightweight; 2 single cots or bunk bed!

This one is very similar to the red cot I shared with you above. One thing I didn’t mention about these, is that each cot has its own carrying case. This makes it easy for each kid to carry their own. But best of all, if we’re only taking one child camping, we can just leave the other one at home! No need to bring both cots.

Remember that the weight limit is 90 kg or 200 lbs per cot, not both together.

Oh, and do you remember what I said above about these not being a long-term solution for sleep (such as an actual bed)? I forgot to mention that if you have squirmy sleepers, they will make some noise. Honestly, this is not a big deal to us, but something you may want to consider if you have light sleep, especially when you’re camping.

Camping cots for toddlers and kids!

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