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Camping with babies, toddlers, and even kids comes with challenges. This website covers all the essential things you absolutely need to know.

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Practical Tips For Camping With Toddlers


If this is your first time ever taking the little ones camping, then this may be a great exercise for you and them. Practice camping at home. Go through the motions of setting up a tent in your backyard or anywhere outside. Go through different scenarios with your toddlers, etc. This isn't a "groundbreaking" idea, but certainly one that not necessarily obvious to most people. Try it out!

Plan Activities

This one again is obvious, but helpful to keep in mind when going camping with toddlers. Have a few camping activities planned out ahead of time. This will help keep your kids engaged and stop them from wandering into places other then your camp site! Remember that you know your kids better than anyone, so if they tend to get distracted easily, the more planning this area will need.

First Aid Kit

Yeah, this is not one you want to forget! There are a few basic things your first aid kit should always have when going camping with toddlers. At the very least, you'll need; bandaids, hand sanitizer, wipes, antiseptic swabs, gauze pads, tape, scissors, tweezers, bug repellent, sunscreen, pain medicine, and butterfly bandages (to name a few). We definitely recommend you spend some time planning this.


You didn't think about this one eh? :-) Remember that sleeping is an important aspect of camping. Planning ahead of time how you and your toddler will sleep during camping will make everyone's life easier. We have a lot of information and tips about this on our blog, be sure to check that out too.

Plan Meals

Pack Toddlers Favorite Toys

Bring Their Favorite Sippy Cup

Check Weather

Bring Chairs

Involve Toddlers In The Process

Don't Forget Your Coffee! lol

Bring Books

Anticipate Potential Issues

Teach Them!

Plan Healthy Meals

Have Fun!

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